What Eyes Tell Us About Child Sensorimotor and Cognitive Development

Chair: Nadia Alahyane (Paris Descartes University, Institut de Psychologie, Laboratoire Vision Action Cognition, France)

Eye Movements During the Reading of Narrative and Poetic Text

Chairs: Jana Lüdtke and Arthur M. Jacobs (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany)

Eyes Wide Shut: gaze dynamics without vision

Chair: Susana Martinez-Conde (State University of New York, Downstate Medical Center, NY, USA)

Eye Movements in Developing Readers: from basic research to classroom application

Chair: Alexandra Spichtig (Reading Plus, USA)

From Lab-Based Studies to Eye-Tracking in Virtual and Real Worlds: conceptual and methodological problems and solutions

Chair: Roy Hessels (Utrecht University, the Netherlands)

Recent Advances in Research on the “Looking at Nothing” Phenomenon

Chair: Agnes Rosner and Roger Johansson (University of Zurich, Switzerland, and Lund University, Sweden)

3-D Binocular Motor Control and Health

Chair: Zoï Kapoula (CNRS FR3636, UFR Biomédicale, University Paris Descartes, France)

Word Processing Across Space and Time During Reading: insights from eye tracking, electrophysiology, and computational modeling

Chair: Elizabeth Schotter and Brennan Payne (University of South Florida and University of Utah, USA)

Progress in Neurophysiology and Oculomotor Psychophysics:  contributions and influence of Jan van Gisbergen (1943-2019)

Chair: John van Opstal (Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands)


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